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In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Federal Government, advising people not to gather in groups of ten people or more, this building is closed. Be advised Wednesday night and Sunday morning classes have been cancelled. As Christians it is our duty to obey the lawful authority that God has placed over us, and further to be proactive neighbors especially in times of crisis. Be assured this building will open again when the Elders believe it appropriate. We understand that this disruption to normal schedules is uncomfortable and possibly frightening. Further, current events can lead us to a place of uncertainty, panic, and fear. Be assured that God is still in control, and that as His Church we seek to glorify Him even in the midst of the storm. We encourage everyone to dedicate daily time to prayer, specifically for:

  1. His Glory
  2. A spirit of courage and faith rather than fear or panic
  3. Peace acknowledging and surrendering control to the King who is ultimately in control
  4. His mercy in the face of sickness and illness

We will be broadcasting the message Sunday morning on our website. You can see it at:


At times like these we encourage the Body of Christ to gather in each other’s homes, again no more than ten people, and join the Church Sunday morning online as we pray, partake of the Lord’s Supper (communion), and hear an encouraging message from the Word of God.

Your Brother in Christ,

Cole Mealer