Small Groups - Central Church of Christ

Small Group Ministry

Central Church is a community of people who follow Jesus. Our relationships with fellow pilgrims give us support and encouragement for the journey. One of the best ways to build relationships within the community is through Small Groups. Early followers of Jesus met in homes for fellowship, as well as in the Temple for worship (Acts 2:46). In fact, for the first three centuries of its existence, the church met in homes instead of church buildings. In the same way, many followers of Jesus at Central meet in Small Groups in homes on a regular basis, as well as at the church building on Sundays.

A Small Group is a gathering of five to fifteen people who meet regularly in a home to encourage each other to follow Jesus. Most Small Groups meet on Sunday evening, but they may meet at any time during the week. The agenda usually includes a discussion of the week’s sermon, worship, prayer, eating together, and mutual encouragement. The duration of a Small Group meeting is usually from one to two hours.

If you are interested in building lasting relationships to support and encourage you on your journey with Jesus, please ask one of our elders about Small Groups.